If you are not careful, you risk a break of personal data and huge bills like those of stolen phones when you sell iPhone. Selling a used iPhone can be a great way of getting cash that will fund the purchase of a new iPhone. Similarly, buying a used iPhone is affordable than purchasing a new iPhone for most people. Nevertheless, the process of selling and buying a used iPhone entails sketchy dealings that pose risk to both parties. Our experts have been selling and helping people sell their used iPhones for a long time. They provide important tips that can guide you in selling iPhones.

Cancel your mobile phone service before passing on the device to a new owner

This might sound obvious but it is a good idea to double check before you sell the iPhone. You may think that your service will be cancelled once your contract expires but your phone might be still working. The carrier will not know that you have sold your device. Therefore, it will remain your responsibility. It is for this reason that you should contact the carrier and ask them to cancel the service. Check the device to ensure that you cannot use it to call anyone.

Remove the SIM card and erase personal data

Most iPhones are filled with personal data from their owners. This includes photos, contacts, and emails among other information. You do not want to share such information with the new owner of the iPhone. Therefore, back up personal data in another device then perform a complete factory reset before passing the device to a new owner. Remove the SIM card and memory card from the device because these have personal information like call logs, text messages and contacts. Your iPhone is also connected to your account by the SIM card. Thus, even if you do not cancel the service, you can protect yourself by removing the SIM card.

Use a reputable iPhone sale service

The easiest way of selling a used iPhone at the best price is using a reputable iPhone sale service. This is a service that other people have used to sell their iPhones and written positive reviews about. With such a service, you can rest assured that you will find a genuine buyer of your device and get the best deal for it. Thus, the risk of being cornered is low when you use a reputable iPhone sale service to sell your device.

Ask a reasonable price

Set the price of your used iPhone in a way that leaves little wiggle room for price haggling. Naturally, everybody will need a good deal when selling and buying an iPhone. Most people will not purchase an item at the exact asked price. Therefore, if you want to sell your iPhone at $350, ask for $400 while listing the device. Be flexible but not gullible when selling the iPhone.

With our iPhone sale service, you stand to get a better deal when you sell iPhone. You also save time by finding a genuine buyer of your device quickly.

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